Through the Databases Manager integrated into the Web Site Control Panel, it is possible to create new MySQL and PgSQL databases in an instant! Also, you will get immediate access to the administrator area software programs (phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin, respectively), which enables you to easily edit the database you want.

Neat and Simple Interface

Handle all your databases from just one place

The Databases Manager inside the Web Site Control Panel features a powerful yet easy to navigate user interface. You can set up a new MySQL or PostgreSQL database by just specifying a username and password. What’s more, you may create a backup file or modify the security password of any database with just a click of the mouse.

Within the Databases Manager you will get immediate access to the admin area for all your databases, so you can make easy changes in case you need to.

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Simple and quick Database Backup

Database backups are just a click away

With the Databases Manager you’ll be able to create an archived backup of your database anytime you wish! This way, you will always have a data backup of your dynamic content if your website gets compromised or if you mistakenly remove a database. To generate a back–up: click on the ’clock’ symbol alongside a given database and after that simply wait for a few seconds for the backup process to be carried out.

There aren’t any restrictions for the amount of databases you would be able to back up or the number of backup copies you can create for any database.

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PgSQL Databases Support

Essentially the most safe open source databases

You are going to find PgSQL support in every one of our Linux cloud hosting packages offers. PgSQL databases aren’t as well–known and commonly used as MySQL, but they offer the highest possible level of protection for your website content and articles. Due to this, several popular companies such as Skype and Yahoo take advantage of PgSQL databases. Managing PgSQL databases is as easy and simple as MySQL, as a result of the easy–to–use interface of the Databases Manager.

PgSQL databases are included by default inside the most advanced web hosting bundles. For the basic packages, they’re included as upgrades.

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InnoDB Databases

The brand new face of MySQL

With HostGenix, you shall always find the most current version of MySQL plus the default MySQL storage engine – InnoDB, mounted.

InnoDB is far more stable compared to the previous storage engine’s version – MyISAM. It is ACID–compliant and, above all – it includes full transaction support. Furthermore, it uses row–level locking, as an alternative to MyISAM’s table–level locking, that seemed to lead to performance problems at peak usage periods.

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Detailed Database Stats

In depth stats for all your databases

HostGenix offers you a painless way for you to monitor the database consumption of your busy websites. Through the in depth database stats user interface, that’s included in the Web Site Control Panel, it’s possible to record the load created through your dynamic websites in real time. The offered data will assist you to assess the database load fluctuations every hour, daily or monthly.

It’s possible to keep track of the database load for all of your sites within the Database Stats part of the Web Site Control Panel. The table on–screen reveals the database lookups accumulated during the present month. To review info for a past month, all you have to do is click on the back arrows located at the top.

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